New and Exciting Way to Be Hacked

If you have ever had the experience of having your computer broken into or one of your online accounts hacked, you understand not only the inconvenience but the stress people feel.

There are several ways it can happen.  The worst case is when someone installs a keystroke logger on your computer like this one either by physically getting onto your computer or tricking you online to install the program.  Sometimes it happens because you get a virus or other malware on your computer as a result of opening an email attachment.  Without anti-virus software running with constantly updated virus databases, you have little protection.

Sometimes it happens because you were dumb enough to use a common word as your password and someone uses a password cracker that looks up dictionary words and tries over and over as fast as it can.  One such program is produced by ElComSoft in Moscow.  Many of these programs were ostensibly designed for use by people who owned a computer and had forgotten their passwords.  This has allowed the programs to be sold legally.

Sometimes it happens because people fail to do the security updates to their operating system or other programs they have installed on the Internet. This happened to me about two years ago when I had an old WordPress blog installed and had not been doing security updates. The hackers were able to get into my web hosting through the security whole in my blog.

The most recent concern is over public wifi systems that are free and unencrypted which are becoming common in airports, coffee shops, shopping malls and restaurants. People who use their email or other Internet accounts using this public wifi on their smartphone, table or laptop are being shocked to find their accounts have been hacked. Tools like the Android Wifi Spy are being used to do just this.  Sold under the lame excuse of wanting to know if you neighbors are illegally using your home wifi system, the app is popular as way for a hacker sitting at Starbucks to get your email password and other private information.

11 thoughts on “New and Exciting Way to Be Hacked

  1. Hacking unfortunately is one of the inevitable things in this world of wireless connections. There are many things you can do to make your private info more secure but at the end of the day if a hacker wants your information they are going to get it. From my understanding, you cannot prevent hackers from actually hacking but you can make it hard on them so eventually they just give up. Hackers look for easy targets so if you can not fall under that bucket then you should be good to go. A few example are using numbers and letters with your passwords. Another is to never use an unencrypted wifi network. If you are going to use an unencrypted network then don’t login to your bank accounts or email etc. Lastly, the bet thing you can do is to only open links and or emails from people you actually know. Do not open anything you don’t know. Just put it right in the trash.

  2. It’s said to say but I have been a victim of a keystroke logger hacker. I used to use online banking for everything. Until one day, a hacker somehow had grabbed hold of my password because there was transactions on my bank account that I had not purchased. I took my computer too my dad who is a computer genius and after about thirty minutes of looking over it, he said that you’ve had someone install a keystroke logger one my system. After looking into keystroke logging I found out it is widely used for parental control and employee monitoring. After the software is installed on the target PC, you can easily hack into all password and Internet activity of that computer. In addition, this software remains hidden to Anti-Virus software after installation and the computer user can never find it out. So this is maybe why I never knew it was happening.

  3. Its a shame that we have to worry about people hacking into our private information. I assume I’d feel very violated if someone ever tried to scam their way into my blog or other networks. It is beyond me how people actually execute the act of successfully hacking into someones account, but as you mention there are many loopholes. It is important that as daily users of technology we understands not just the pros, but the cons of technology. Although this virtual age has much to offer in the field of communication, our privacy is being put in danger. As users we have to acknowledge this and educate ourselves on how to prevent hacking. I really appreciate this blog post because before this I was naive to all the different situations that I could be hacked. From now on I will make sure to update the security systems on my programs and create difficult passwords.

  4. It is very unfortunate that hacking has become such a norm in the recent years. It is becoming so much easier to do and there are so many ways that people do this. I personally have had my Facebook account hacked as well as my personal email. Someone got a hold of my password and was using my accounts and sending out a great amount of spam messages and mail. It seemed that they figured out my password because it was something so simple and obvious. This post was interesting and informative to me and I will now be more careful about the passwords I create and be more up to date on the security and privacy options of all of my different systems and personal programs.

  5. It’s incredible what people can do now a days with technology. Some days you love it and others, like after reading this article, makes you very weary of it. Hacking is one of things where a lot of people like to brush it off and say “that will never happen to me”. But in reality, it can happen to anyone! This post is definitely an eye opener to me because I go to Starbucks to do my homework sometimes and there has been times where I went online shopping there too. Big mistake. Next time I know to do that on a safe wifi setting like at home. Everything is possible though technology and now it seems like, no one is safe.

  6. I knew briefly about the different types of hacking software available, but I was glad I read this post because it simplified and organized software as well as mechanism used. I did hear before that basically choosing a password with a common dictionary word was an easy way of getting hacked, but I did not know about the “forgot your password” method. I feel like that kind of traps everyone who forgets their password easily in a hole. These days so many online websites restrict easy password and make us come up with crazy passwords, but if we forget our password we are pretty much at a risk of getting our account hacked. I also do think that having the most updated security setup may be the best way in keeping ourselves from getting hacked, but at times too with these anti-virus software on our computer it doesn’t seem like it will ever be 100 percent full-proof.

  7. I to worry about being the victim of a hacker. I have a basic understand of computer to know to use virus protection. My university offers free virus protection to its students to help protect them.
    Just like in the real world, locks are only a deterrent. If someone wants to get inside they will. The more layers of protection you can have the better. But on my computer when I run Symantec and Windows Defender they seem to fight each other, so I just run Symantec and stay up to date.

  8. It’s unfortunate that hacking seems like such a common thing nowadays. I’ve experienced my email being hacked before. It was an old email that I rarely used anymore so I did not notice until a friend kindly told me that it had sent spam mail to many people including her. There are many websites now that rate how strong your passwords are when you create an account, and I think that that is a very nice feature. This post made me more aware, and taught me how I can avoid being hacked. I have realized that using public wifi always comes with risks, but I find it sad that we can’t go to places with free wi-fi like Starbucks to get some work done without being in danger of having our information stolen.

  9. Hacking will never be stopped, its just part of this never-ending circle of computer crimes. Think about it, if a company produces Anti-virus software. In order to develop Anti-virus software they need to be able to take viruses and stop them, and in order to stop them they need to know how the virus started. And if they know how it started then they can sure make new ones then they can make ones that their software can stop and will advertise it so the consumer will by their product. But anyone with the determination and know how can pretty much find a way to hack any information they’d like with they use of the web.

  10. It is unfortunate that we all have to worry about hacking when we use the Internet. I’m not a genius in technology or know anything too deep about hacking so I do not know when it happens to me. I never put hacking into too much thinking, thinking what are the chances it will happen. But now I know that I could be hacked in multiple ways, and I should be aware of this instead of setting this problem aside. I always thought the security update messages were annoying because they would constantly pop up but I now know that I should update it when needed to prevent any hacking.

  11. We have all likely suffered having one of our social media sites hacked and quickly having to change the password. Obviously that is a risk we take when we click on anything on the internet. In my opinion, since we cannot get rid of computer hackers, we must outsmart them and make it harder to hack into our sites. I’m always really cautious of typing in my password for Facebook, for example, on any site other than Facebook or any alternate window that Facebook may lead me to. All the games and quizzes can be make one an easy target to get hacked. So even though we hate having to input those phrases or number-letter patterns when buying something or creating a profile, in the long run it prevents hacking.

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