Virtual Cable, Anyone?

Apple Computer’s hopes of providing bundled cable channels to Apple TV or iPhones could be a significant addition to choices of watching cable channels at lower cost.  Watch the following HBO video talking about making HBO available outside of cable subscriptions.


It has been known for several months that HBO has been considering making its channel available outside of cable TV subscriptions despite protest from cable companies who have relied on HBO as one the incentives for acquiring cable service. For Apple TV users like myself this change will be very appealing. Right now I have a standard promotional cable subscription with Xfinity without HD service. I am able to watch HBO in HD on Apple TV through the Apple TV widget called HBO Go which is also a phone app that I can use on my iPhone. Right now I have to confirm that I have existing cable service that includes HBO. That is about to change.

Apple hopes to bundle HBO and a set of other premium cable channels in a package that would run between $30-$40 a month. No cable subscription would be necessary any more to watch these channels on Apple TV or your iPhone.

Apple TV has been seen as rather limited in what it provides. The addition of this package would seem to make Apple TV much more appealing.

7 thoughts on “Virtual Cable, Anyone?

  1. I think this is very cool that Apple is pairing up with HBO. I think a lot of people watch HBO and are happy about this match up, this will open a lot more doors I think for HBO and their network. I personally think people pay enough on their Apple devices and deserve more for their money and adding HBO will be a good fit. I have a Samsung phone and an HP for my devices and they are half the price of Apple and sometimes can do more than Apple products,but I do like Apple products and their simplicity, but they are just a little out of my price range. This change for HBO to be paired up with Apple will not apply to my devices, but I am sure many people will appreciate it and will make more people watch HBO, if they do no already do so.

    -Sara M.

  2. We are in a place where if we don’t grow with technology, it will surpass us. I think that Apple offering HBO means they are staying with the changing of times and see an outlet at that best fits this generation of internet users. Personally I have Xfinity with HBO and the majority of time I only use it for HBO. If there was a way, like Apple TV that offered HBO at a fraction of what it is costing me know? I’d take it.

  3. Apple company is a booming success, by paring up with HBO I believe that this success will continue. By allowing apple t.v to stream HBO it allows for more of an incentive to have purchase apple t.v. as well as, HBO. I personally don’t have apple t.v or HBO but for those that do, apple and HBO have done a great thing by colliding the two and at reasonable price. They are both expanding their doors for consumers. I truly believe that regular cable service’s are over priced and charge way to much for additional channels such as HBO. This truly makes me consider making the switch.

  4. This sounds like something good for both HBO and Apple.I am sure that those that do use the Apple TV are very excited about this collaboration, but this does not cause great excitement in me. Personally, I would not pay monthly for HBO and do not even watch cable as it is. I also do not own Apple products because they are too expensive for me. I use my laptop to watch television shows and movies online for a cheaper price than what HBO is being offered for so I am happy with what I have. I hope this brings success to both HBO and Apple, though.

  5. I personally would not purchase this. I think that it is too expensive and there are not a lot of t.v. shows that are on HBO that I watch. I do like a lot of the movies that HBO plays because they have recent as well as old ones. This however will be a huge problem for cable companies because they a lot of time bribe people with free months of HBO. I also am not sure if people will pay an extra amount of money on top of all their other subscriptions for this HBO subscription. Personally I think it would be better just to pay for one cable bill and not a lot of small subscriptions to other carriers.

  6. I think it is nice Apple is becoming partners with HBO for streaming television. I have always felt that cable television was becoming obsolete. For me personally, I have Apple products, but I would not invest in this because HBO doesn’t offer shows that I watch. My dream Al A Carte cable would consist of all sports and all news. I also believe this may backfire for HBO because a lot of people of have Andriods. For those people who do have Apple devices can purchase a one time fee of Apple TV with their internet provider. So why would Apple users also pay another $14.99 a month for HBO?

  7. I think this bundle is so cool, and will give a lot of cable companies like comcast and xfinity a run for their money! Although I do not know very much about Apple TV, it seems to me that having so many shows and programs in such an accessible and easy manner is a pretty revolutionary idea, and very appealing to a large market.

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