Will The Apple Watch Suffer The Fate of Google Glasses?

Apple Computer is about to release the anxiously-awaited Apple Watch on April 24th. That’s right – the Apple Watch.  They did not name it the iWatch. Here is the TV advertisement for it.

Will this new Apple product fail like Google Glasses did or even quicker given how long Google gave the glasses to succeed?  You can check out more about it on the Apple web site.  Here are some of the things being emphasized.

The first is personalization. The watch comes with different cases, bands and faces.  At the low end is the aluminum case model with sports bands at $349.  At the high end are the 18 carat rose or yellow gold case versions at $10,000.  Personalization is achieved through choice of different bands and watch faces.  I don’t think the gold watch is for me! Now the following steel case one is probably what I would pick!


Next is the hype about keeping exact time.  To quote the web site, “In conjunction with your iPhone, it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard.” Now that is amusing to me since I use my IPhone as a watch and this somehow implies the watch is in some way dependent on my iPhone to have the precise time.

Next on the list are the so-called “new ways to communicate.”  It seems you can send something like a Facebook poke called a “tap”, make a sketch and send it, or send the sound of your heart beat while a heart pulses as part of the message.  I have visions of Starbucks coffee houses being forever transformed by these new ways to flirt.

heartNext come the fitness monitors that record your amount of movement, standing, and exercise.  Believe me I could sure benefit from that since my sedentary life style is taking a toll  but I’m not sure that seeing the graphs will do it.

Finally, there are a number of new apps that are expected including one that would allow you to do one-click ordering on Amazon.  That’s dangerous for me because I buy so much stuff on Amazon as it is.

But hey, I’m a 67 year old man!  What do you think?  Would you buy it?  Will enough people buy it to make it a success?


11 thoughts on “Will The Apple Watch Suffer The Fate of Google Glasses?

  1. I personally would not invest my money in the watch only becuase my phone does the functions I need it to. I honestly believe that yes this is an advancement in technology which is amazing, but at the same time do we really need a watch that provides all of that. Not only is fairly high priced, but also just another thing to get addicted to. I do believe that apple is well off in advertising their products to achieve a successful sell. I personally love everything apple but I will stick to my phone.

  2. Personally, I will not buy the Apple Watch. I find now legitimate use for it especially when I own other watches already. I understand that Apple is trying to innovate the future, however I already have an iPhone and don’t need yet another time telling device that can go on apps and order on Amazon. I think the customization is interesting, but other than that don’t find it that important to society. Also, I would like to know how many will become damaged from people forgetting to keep it dry when washing their hands lol.

  3. Wow, the Apple Watch. Soon, the “Apple Running Shoe”, and the “Apple Belt” will appear next to this product. I think that this product will not have a successful shelf life for a few reasons. First, the starting price is steep which makes me think Apple’s target audience needs to be 30’s and up as these people would include youthful-working class-gadget loving folk. Lets be honest, people in their twenties or at least college students are still figuring out how to buy a MacBook Air for class and afford spring break in Cancun without completely maxing out the credit card. “Hi, Mom..” The issue with this select target audience is that it doesn’t appeal to very many, in my point of view. Which leads me into the next issue is that, this is product is very tech-driven. Meaning, a person purchasing this watch has to be very much about brand image, and connecting to the fact that they are wearing this watch mostly because it was created by Apple. The Apple Products Til I Die population of the world will be very intrigued by this product. But for the ho-hums like myself, I’m still trying to figure out how to utilize apps on my Iphone and delete photos to make room. I wouldn’t be ready for a whole new set of apps and obsessions.

    –Side note, While watching the video my dog was fully enthused though, maybe they are targeting the wrong market.

  4. Hi Professor Ray,

    That iwatch is very interesting, technology has come along way, its kind of scary! I really don’t know if it will be a hit or not because our society likes to hold there devices in their hands. Seeing how the iPhone 6 plus just came out and its almost the size of a mini iPad. I’m unsure if people will go back and us a smaller product such as the iwatch. But non the less it will be interesting to see what happens with this new and interesting product.

  5. I think it will be a somewhat difficult item to sell to their market, mostly because there are so many other devices that do all of these things. Jaw Bone UP band can measure heart rate, steps, and calories burned, as well as many other fitness wristbands from other companies, we all have regular watches, iphones and computers to give us the time, and we can also order amazon easily on all of our smartphones. I suppose a one- touch system is cool, but then again, who really feels the need to spend $400- $10,000 just to save a couple minutes or seconds to order something online? Maybe some people, however, I do not buy it as all that useful or revolutionary as things we currently have access to. I do anticipate, however, that many people (with wealth) will buy such a device for the sake of having the newest Apple product, as well as a modern- expensive watch for looks. In the long run, however, I think this could be a major fail.

  6. I think that there are enough Apple fanboys and fangirls out there that would buy anything Apple put out that success will not be an issue. I wouldn’t buy one because I don’t think it does anything spectacular but many other people will.

  7. The apple watch to me seems pretty pointless. you can do everything with the apple watch that you can do with your iPhone. I’m sure many people will have the apple watch because it is the new and latest thing but it will definitely not be as big as the iPhone or iPod there just is not as big of a demand for those type of high-tech accessories especially ones that are not that cool.


  8. I honestly believe that the Apple Watch will have success no matter what critics say. Even if it is not a great advancement in technology, people will still buy it because it is an Apple product. Although I would not buy this myself because I do not have the money for it, I know that there are many people out there that will. There is a market for gadgets like this and I believe it will be successful. I could see why people would want it since it provides them with more convenience by having everything they need on their wrist. This would mean not having to have your phone out all the time which can get in the way when you need to use your hands for something. Whether you like the Apple Watch or not, there will always be people out there who will find it worth the money or even worth the hype. After all, the newer versions of iPhones are always bought even when there is not much difference between the new and the older version. People will buy things just because they are new and shiny, especially if it is an Apple product.

  9. I think your article reviewed some key points of the Apple Watch. I think there is a huge number of Apple followers and this product might be a big deal when it comes out. Apple is always very pricey and people buy their products and continue to buy their products even though their products maybe the same price as a car. I personally think the watch is way to expensive and not even consider buying it and I do not need a watch like this. Overall, I think people will buy this product.

    -Sara M.

  10. I personally think that if you are an apple user then the Iwatch is a great investment. I am not too much of a tech savvy person but I do really like the Iwatch and want one! I think they are really stylish and personal. I think though before buying I would like to go and mess around with it and hear reviews about it. I like the Iwatch because it is a lighter way to recive important information. However, I would want to know more about the battery life on the new watch and the durability of it.

  11. This is nice. I would get this just because I collect watches. I especially like it because it will be easier for me to track my exercise. For example, I won’t have to jog with my phone to track my miles. For the average person, this can be a complete waist of money.

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