Keeping Your iPhone Safe

This video alerts us to some very disturbing things.  The first is the need to make the phone password harder to crack then the simple set of four numbers. (My iPhone is set with no password, by the way, which is probably not good but I no longer have to deal with an insane person who needed to daily search my phone).  The add tracking and location tracking discussed here are to be taken seriously and few of us would normally think about these.

In the world of Big Data we become a source of data to be constantly tracked and recorded to conveniently serve the interests of advertisers and marketers.  While Google and Facebook CEO’s cry foul at the surveillance of the public by the NSA, they hide their own hypocrisy in building this huge database with all sorts of applications to exploit it.  As consumers we are told all this is to better serve us (give us better customized search results, alert us to products that might be of interest to us based on what we have just bought or a subject we have discussed in our email or a Facebook post or a web page we have just visited).  The system opens us to be easily watched by government and preyed on by criminals and the mentally imbalanced.

What is surprising in this video is the extent to which this is also aided by the mobile devices and operating systems they use.  You think this only happens in the Mac Os on Apple mobile devices and sigh with relief that you are on an Android mobile device? Think again!  Your Android device is powered by Google, the biggest spying organzation that ever was.



4 thoughts on “Keeping Your iPhone Safe

  1. This video definitely makes me a little worried about how careless I have been with my phone, and my privacy. I have a very basic password for my phone, it’s 4 of the same number. I’m lazy and I thought that seemed easy, as well as something not a lot of people would think of. Watching this video has made me seriously consider changing my phone password, and adding my fingerprint or making my password into an actual word.

    Another concern of mine is how easy it is to have your smart phone tracked. There are a lot of apps that request your location, making it very easy for others to track your phone. While I love how easy smart phones make it to get directions, it also opens a lot of doors.

  2. Watching this video actually scared me… My password to my iPhone is so simple a baby could break into my phone. Although I do have my fingerprint attached to it it still is easy to access my phone with the security code. In addition, I have a lot of bank account information and private stuff saved on my phone that could be stolen because of my carelessness. What was also eye opening about this video was how apps and the GPS in the iPhone tracks where you go. I had no clue that they saved your location and knew that much about you. It would easy to be stalked or followed because your iPhone has everywhere that you go or have been.

    Watching this makes me want to be a lot more careful with my iPhone and with security in general.

  3. This was a very informational video. I did not know any of this was really on the iPhone user interface. It was surprising to see that Apple has installed things deep into the iPhone to keep track of the road. This video allowed me as an iPhone user to see how to use the settings in my phone to change the how I can be located. Being an iPhone user for a long time I have noticed newer and newer settings being brought up with every IOS update that seem to be able to contact or keep track of you. It is scary to think that Apple can track you just from your phone. This video shows that tracking people is much more easy than they think. The phone is a gate for anyone to look into that knows how to do it. Phones now are mini computers that have ways to access anything you want from the palm of your hand and the future of the internet and ways to be tracked are at a rise. We are not alone on our devices anymore.

  4. This post really opened my eyes up to how much information I am allowing people to see. The video accented those areas where I was unaware that I was sharing information with people I don’t or didn’t want to share information with. That being said, I really believe that we should all be careful about reading the policies that our social networking sites provide us with. The details are all in fine print and if we are not careful we can be agreeing to something that is not what we want to be sharing with the world. Let’s be more proactive about reading and not clicking.

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