And Now Extortion Malware!

It’s been reported that a new major computer threat now exists in the form of viruses that try to extort you.  We are seeing programs that lock your files so you can access them and the make you pay to receive a key to unlock them.  Two of these sites were shutdown by the FBI in May but people who have the virus are still infected. With the sites gone there is no way to obtain the key and removing the virus does not unlock the files.

We are likely to see new Internet extortion schemes in which images are stolen from computers with a threat of posting them unless money is paid.  The latest round seems to have come from Russia.

It is important that people upgrade their virus definitions and run frequent scans as well as being cautious when installing free software.  It is probably a good idea to backup files to the cloud or an external device as well to have a means of recovering from file lock down extortion.

One thought on “And Now Extortion Malware!

  1. It is actually pretty ironic that I was scrolling through this blog and came across this article. It is ironic because I just watched an episode of one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife, in which this exact thing happened. The other ironic thing is the extortionist was from Russia. In the episode the main character’s law firm is attacked by this type of virus and is ordered to pay fifty thousand dollars. I think that this will continue to grow and become a major problem. As the internet gets larger and more complex, so will the viruses that come with it!

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