Virtual Cable, Anyone?

Apple Computer’s hopes of providing bundled cable channels to Apple TV or iPhones could be a significant addition to choices of watching cable channels at lower cost.  Watch the following HBO video talking about making HBO available outside of cable subscriptions.


It has been known for several months that HBO has been considering making its channel available outside of cable TV subscriptions despite protest from cable companies who have relied on HBO as one the incentives for acquiring cable service. For Apple TV users like myself this change will be very appealing. Right now I have a standard promotional cable subscription with Xfinity without HD service. I am able to watch HBO in HD on Apple TV through the Apple TV widget called HBO Go which is also a phone app that I can use on my iPhone. Right now I have to confirm that I have existing cable service that includes HBO. That is about to change.

Apple hopes to bundle HBO and a set of other premium cable channels in a package that would run between $30-$40 a month. No cable subscription would be necessary any more to watch these channels on Apple TV or your iPhone.

Apple TV has been seen as rather limited in what it provides. The addition of this package would seem to make Apple TV much more appealing.

Will The Apple Watch Suffer The Fate of Google Glasses?

Apple Computer is about to release the anxiously-awaited Apple Watch on April 24th. That’s right – the Apple Watch.  They did not name it the iWatch. Here is the TV advertisement for it.

Will this new Apple product fail like Google Glasses did or even quicker given how long Google gave the glasses to succeed?  You can check out more about it on the Apple web site.  Here are some of the things being emphasized.

The first is personalization. The watch comes with different cases, bands and faces.  At the low end is the aluminum case model with sports bands at $349.  At the high end are the 18 carat rose or yellow gold case versions at $10,000.  Personalization is achieved through choice of different bands and watch faces.  I don’t think the gold watch is for me! Now the following steel case one is probably what I would pick!


Next is the hype about keeping exact time.  To quote the web site, “In conjunction with your iPhone, it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard.” Now that is amusing to me since I use my IPhone as a watch and this somehow implies the watch is in some way dependent on my iPhone to have the precise time.

Next on the list are the so-called “new ways to communicate.”  It seems you can send something like a Facebook poke called a “tap”, make a sketch and send it, or send the sound of your heart beat while a heart pulses as part of the message.  I have visions of Starbucks coffee houses being forever transformed by these new ways to flirt.

heartNext come the fitness monitors that record your amount of movement, standing, and exercise.  Believe me I could sure benefit from that since my sedentary life style is taking a toll  but I’m not sure that seeing the graphs will do it.

Finally, there are a number of new apps that are expected including one that would allow you to do one-click ordering on Amazon.  That’s dangerous for me because I buy so much stuff on Amazon as it is.

But hey, I’m a 67 year old man!  What do you think?  Would you buy it?  Will enough people buy it to make it a success?